Deploy your own
private 5G network.

Using the world's most advanced 5G standalone platform featuring decentralized SIM technology.

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Introducing the World's Best
Decentralized 5G standalone platform.

The most innovative 5G platform in the market is based on the patented decentralized Subscriber Identity Module (dSIM) technology.

Bloxtel published a seminal technical white paper presenting a groundbreaking approach to building a peer-to-peer 5G telecom system leveraging the state-of-the-art in cryptography and blockchain technology. A decentralized 5G standalone network core was built using the breakthrough dSIM technology with unparalleled benefits.

70% Threat Reduction

No single point of failure, along with tokenization, ensures that unexpected incidents and attackers cannot disrupt operations.

80% Latency Reduction

Peer-to-peer local breakout and packet loss mitigation enable faster real-time processing for mission-critical AI-enabled IoT devices.

90% Cost Reduction

Decentralized serverless infrastructure is a major step towards a zero CAPEX/OPEX strategy for a fully autonomous 5G network at the edge.

10x Capacity Increase

Blockchain-native network core architecture, along with network slicing, allows to significantly scale network capacity.

Based on the Most Advanced 5G Features in the Industry

The decentralized 5G standalone network core software integrated with dSIM technology provides superior features.

Asymmetric Authentication

Use public key cryptography to allow your organization's devices (personnel and IoT) to connect instantly and securely at the edge. We call it 6G AKA in comparison to traditional symmetric authentication known as 5G AKA.

Identity Tokenization

Associate tokenized proofs of ownership to your subscriptions to prevent costly SIM swap attacks that are looming over traditional networks with $100M+ in losses annually. Don't let your organization be the next victim.

Electronic Subscriptions

Say goodbye to the logistical nightmare of physical SIM cards. With a single-click, you can just order, issue or manage batches of dSIMs electronically. It works with both eSIM-compatible hardware and older generation devices.

Integrity Verification

Deploy 5G access points in your site with peace of mind that they are tamper-resistant with remote boot attestation and runtime integrity measurement. Get notified immediately when tampering is detected

Intelligent Slicing

Create dedicated virtual access point names (APNs) with Quality-of-Service (QoS) rules and AI-based policy enforcers for a multitude of low-priority and high-priority enteprise applications in your site. Your business, your rules.

Confidential Access

Have the peace of mind that all of your data traffic from and to connected devices (personnel & IoT) in your private 5G network will never transit through a remote third-party network function server. Your network, your data.

Deploy your own private 5G network within hours

The white-glove, serverless platform is a turnkey offering that allows your organization to deploy a private 5G network within hours with a guaranteed carrier-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Private 5G network deployment as simple as configuring a Wi-Fi router.

Bloxtel assigns dedicated Site Technicians to plan and manage your private 5G network deployment. For the US market, Site Technicians relay installation and operating parameters into an FCC-certified Spectrum Access System (SAS). The SAS enables your 5G access points to use the shared 3550-3700 MHz radio band, known as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). For other markets, we work with your local telecom regulator to evaluate your options. In all markets, we can help set up agreements with public operators to sublicense their unused spectrum in your site.

It's quick and simple for you to become your own private 5G operator.

To get started, we ship you an Operator Evaluation Kit that includes a plug-and-play 5G access point. Once installed, you can configure and manage your network including remotely provisioning your IoT devices with dSIMs from a decentralized web3 application called Operator dApp. You can order more 5G access points and add them to your private network. They can securely communicate with each other in peer-to-peer mode without transiting through remote third-party servers.

  • dSIM: physical or electronic SIM compliant with ETSI, GSMA and 3GPP specifications with various patented enhancements such as asymmetric authentication (6G AKA), integrated quality-of-service and proof-of-coverage applications for peer-to-peer decentralized 5G networks. The electronic version of the dSIM can be downloaded from the Operator dApp or via a QR code.
  • Access Point: all-in-one peer-to-peer small cell including a built-in multi-band antenna with CBRS support. It is easily mountable either within walls or on ceilings. It hosts Open6GC, which is our reference dSIM-compatible 5G network core at the edge just like a Wi-Fi access point with the benefits of 5G.
  • Operator dApp: decentralized Web3 application running on the blockchain for managing your private 5G network including clustering your 5G access points. It also allows remote issuance and management of dSIMs to your organization’s User Equipment (e.g. Phones, IP Cameras, IoT Devices).

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